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Patient Testimonials

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Patient Name: James

Patient Jerry

Dental Concern: Unhappy with his smiles appearance/chipped teeth
Treatment Selected: Upper Ceramic Restorations

James always tried to take good care of his teeth, but years of wear and tear eventually made them chipped and eroded. He noticed several years ago that his once healthy smile wasnt as bright and beautiful as it used to be, and he wished he could get back the smile of his younger years.

James and his family are long-time patients of Dr. LoSasso, and have always appreciated his professionalism and his wonderful staff. So when Dr. LoSasso told James about how restorative treatment could transform his smile, he knew he was in good hands.

Since his restoration from Dr. LoSasso, James feels more confident and gets compliments about his smile all the time. To anyone considering a smile makeover, James suggests, You should do it! The sooner the better! I trusted my smile to Dr. LoSasso and Im glad I did!

Patient Name: Carol

Patient Jerry

Dental Concern: Unhappy with the unevenness of her teeth
Treatment Selected: Upper Ceramic Restorations

While Carol always liked her smile, she still found herself thinking about how much more perfect it could be. Her teeth were healthy, but uneven. She one day hoped to have the clean, even teeth of a flawless, bright smile. After seeing what Dr. LoSasso was able to do when treating her husband and her son, Carol knew he was an amazing talent at enhancing smiles through cosmetic dentistry. She talked with Dr. LoSasso about how best to achieve her dream smile through cosmetic procedures, and the rest is history!

Carol has been amazed at the reaction from her friends about how much they love her new look. Its like getting a face lift, she says, You just feel better about yourself. Thanks to Dr. LoSasso, Carol now has the dazzling smile she always wanted!

Patient Name: Jerry

Patient Jerry

Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of his teeth
Treatment Selected: Ceramic Crowns

After years of service in the Air Force, the time finally came for Jerry to retire and to allow his life’s pace to slow down a bit. That’s when he truly had the time to take a long look in the mirror. Looking at his smile, he realized his teeth had been slowly deteriorating over the years and that they now appeared yellow and jagged. Jerry knew he wanted to improve his smile.

Trusting Dr. LoSasso’s expertise and skill, Jerry talked with Dr. LoSasso about options and recommendations for improving the health and appearance of his smile. Jerry underwent restorative treatment and now enjoys renewed confidence and a beautiful, beaming smile! “I would tell anyone considering a smile enhancement not to wait any longer,” Jerry suggests. “Get it done when you first realize your smile needs to be improved. Dr. LoSasso is the dentist to do it for you. He is the best!” Jerry is now ready to enter his golden years with a straight, white smile to show the world!

Patient Name: Tiffany


Dental Concern: Unhappy with her smile’s appearance/ dental restorations
Treatment Selected: Ceramic Crowns

Tiffany was born with an imperfect smile and a large gap in her teeth. She felt self- conscious and tired of hiding her teeth when she smiled. Ultimately, she made the decision to get composite restorations, but the restorations continued to break and chip, causing continued problems. Tiffany desperately needed a permanent solution to her smile problems, so she consulted Dr. LoSasso knowing that he creates wonderful smiles through cosmetic dentistry.

Tiffany received ceramic crowns as a natural-looking, long- lasting smile solution, and she loves her gorgeous new smile! “I no longer hide my front teeth trying not to smile,” Tiffany says. “Everyone loves my new smile!” Tiffany is a young adult full of the confidence and beautiful appearance she has always desired. “My smile looks and feels so natural,” Tiffany enthuses. “I would tell anyone thinking about a new smile to do it! You won’t regret it!”

Patient Name: Sharon

Patient Sharon

Dental Concern: Unhappy with her smile’s color and appearance
Treatment Selected: Ceramic Crowns

Sharon felt dissatisfied and self-conscious about her smile’s discoloration and its overall appearance. This was no new feeling for Sharon she had dealt with this embarrassment since she was a teenager. She knew it affected her overall appearance and presentation to others, so she finally decided to fix her longtime smile woes.

Sharon picked up the phone and called Dr. LoSasso’s office for information. During that initial call, she felt so comforted and valued by the friendly, caring team that she booked an appointment right then! After meeting Dr. LoSasso and after undergoing cosmetic and restorative treatment, Sharon loves her revitalized smile and the wonderful dental experience she had along the way. “It now feels so great to really smile,” Sharon exclaims. “I would tell anyone to call Dr. LoSasso for a great smile in the most pleasant atmosphere. The entire team is wonderful.” Sharon’s bright, beautiful smile gives her enhanced confidence throughout every step of her life.

Patient Name: Sandy

Patient Sandra

Dental Concern: Unhappy with her smile’s appearance/chipped tooth
Treatment Selected: Ceramic Crowns

Imagine hiding your teeth each day of your life while feeling hesitant and embarrassed to let yourself laugh fully or smile freely. Sandy suffered through these feelings of self-consciousness for so many years due to her crooked, chipped smile. When Dr. LoSasso, Sandy’s trusted dentist, told her about the beautiful results crafted through ceramic crowns, Sandy carefully listened. Together, Dr. LoSasso and Sandy concluded that ceramic crowns were the perfect treatment option to solve Sandy’s dental problems.

Now, Sandy enjoys a beautiful, straight smile that beams brightly as she laughs and smiles for the entire world to see. “Everyone always smiles back at me now,” Sandy exclaims. “I would tell anyone thinking about it to go for it! Your entire face looks better, and you feel so much better about yourself.” With full confidence and a gorgeous smile, Sandy will never hide her joy again!